My First Inkscape Creation

I know it is just one of the example projects when you first get started, but I was proud to do this one and learn some about Inkscape. Even after waiting over 510 days for my Glowforge, I was not as ready as I should have been (life gets busy that way, ya know?).

Instead of a gift tag, I turned mine into a little pendant necklace for my daughter:

I used some medium proofgrade draftboard because I had it handy, and couldn’t find a chain that would fit through the holes, so a string will do.


The engrave says it all! :slight_smile:




Thank you! I’m just so happy I was finally able to create something without having to rely on another design that someone else created and overlay a jpeg on top of it. I’m ready to do more! If the Glowforge could only carve out some time! ha

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The pendant is nice, but your model is “da bomb”! :smile:

It’s not the engrave but the smile that says it all.

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I couldn’t agree more! and thanks

Yeah, it really was telling. Thanks!

Yes she is! Oh … Nice job on the pendant!

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