My first inlay work in the form of a practical joke


So my bosses boss started this practical joke where he put my subordinate up for recognition for her excellent work, that part is not a joke, she does do excellent work, the joke was the write-up he did for it and it totally sandbagged the division manager as well as Amber.
Anyway, being the sick, sadistic puppy he is, this will just show up hanging in her house one day. That involves getting her wife in on it but all the more fun.

Anyway, I’ve had fun getting this up now the question is, should I deliver it saying 'EXCELLANT" and include the corrected piece or should I go ahead and fix it now?

In other news, getting the text on a curve to work right gave me more headach than the rest of the project put togather. 2d art programs kick my butt.


Are you using Inkscape?

If so, and you didn’t already work this bit out: create a text box and type your text. Create a vector line and place / bend it as desired. Select both, and then hit the Text to Path button in the text menu. It’ll leave the line in place so you can continue to tweak the shape once this but is done, but it bends you text to that line. You might need to add additional spaces to the text to move it left and right. You can then turn your line to no Stoke or invisible stroke but adjusting it after that might be fun. Once you’re done tweaking I’d recommend conveying text to path though.

I’m writing all this hoping I’m not teaching granny to suck eggs…


No, they really give me trouble so all help is appreciated.
I finally got the results I got in Corel draw. I suck at both Corel draw and Inkscape but through repetition I can quickly use Inkscape to convert my DXF files to svg and setup elements for engraving.
Text on a curve is one of the few things that can’t be done directly in Fusion 360.


This was a problem I knew was coming but wasn’t sure how to tackle yet. THANKS!

  • write my text
  • Draw a line and shape it how I want the text to be curved
  • Select both and do “Text to Path”

That’s essentially it?


Chuckle! You have to leave it just like it is of course! Your boss would probably approve.

That design looks gorgeous! ( And you could even leave the Picasso look with the pixelization in the photo… wink!)


Yup, that’s about the size of it. Give me a shout if you have any troubles with it :wink:


Affinity Designer makes wrapping text easy @markevans36301. It is well worth the price for just working with text!

Link to video:

Good Luck!!!


Nice inlay. Text to path is good in Inkscspe but figuring it out is a bear. One of the issues is getting the text to go on the path where you want it to above or below the line and then getting it the right direction. Then there is getting the offset correct. Use the flip and mirror tool to position the text in relation to the line. It also makes a difference where the text is in relation to the line before starting. I really had to watch a few videos a couple times to get all the possibilities straight. It’s well worth learning though.


I’d deliver it with “Excellance” :slight_smile:


Another fun method in Inkscape is the Envelope Path Effect. You can contort text into all kinds of shapes however the downside is the text needs to be converted to a path first so you lose text editing.