My first layered design

So I am going to keep this post short and sweet as I’m typing from the phone this time.

All I can say is awesome!

Now lesson learned here, if you do a photo engrave just take the masking off first. Made this mistake again on the first print of this and the masking takes away a lot of the detail the photos above where the final project with no masking this one below is with the masking on, looks good with masking on:

And taking the masking off all the fine detail gone like sides of the two people’s faces:

Luckily all I had to do was flip it over and engrave on the back for the better one that I posted at top.

Now question? The photo below is the grey striped area the area it won’t cut at all in? I was to afraid to try and drop my design into that area in case it was because this is the first large sheet I put in the machine was unsure but when I zoomed out that gray stripped area isn’t there so idk lol. Anyways it waist like an inch of the product if you can’t cut or engrave on that area.


I guess that ended up longer than I thought lol, I just can’t help myself.


Details are always more interesting. (Great results!) :grinning:


Good job Avenger. I have used many flipped pieces. Photo engraving can be very finicky.


With a smaller design I learned to cut the full sheets into my requirements so I could get the full use of the sheet and not lose the edges.