My first piece of art created on the GF

very nice! artist glowforge users unite!!

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Yeah I was thinking “awesome table” as I was moving down this whole thread… this is beautiful work. And with a table, you could do some cloud imagery on/in the glass that was behind the buildings, too.

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That’s cool. Great work.

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I adore this piece!


Amazing! Question: We just bought the mid level and have a problem with smoke coming from around the lid and over heating. Have you had this issue with the Glowforge and if so how did you solve it? Thanks!

Lots of good info in the forums, if you do a search. Here’s a (randomly selected) place to start:

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If you don’t find what you need, and would like further help with it, I’d suggest posting over in #problems-and-support so we don’t totally hijack someone else’s thread. :wink:

If you have smoke escaping around the lid while it’s cutting or engraving, you likely have a venting issue. Properly vented it will be under negative pressure so air flows into the machine and out the exhaust. It will only come out from the lid or door if it’s under positive pressure - either the exhaust fan isn’t working or you’re not venting properly. Common causes are too long a hose with too many bends (use the supplied length with no more than two 90degree bends) or a closed flap on your vent outlet.

As for the overheating, the basic model has a max ambient temperature of 75 degrees. Over that and it won’t run. Under that it may pause to cool during jobs and do that more often the closer ambient air is to 75F.


I just started here, this was the first post, I have to say:

  1. The detail that is shown is simply amazing!
  2. Dear Lord! That is a lot of time.
  3. You, my friend, have a wonderful piece of artwork, good job!
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Thank you.

For those of you who are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area in the next month for ArtPrize, you can see this piece at the B.O.B. (Big Old Building)


CONGRATS @polarbrainfreeze. I saw when you first posted this piece when you finished it, I’m so very happy for you to have it displayed and featured like this. That is absolutely amazing.


Oh yeah, that’s a perfect display! :grinning:


You may have just convinced me to get downtown for Artprize.

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second that. or third that? my brain is frozen


I’ll be in Grand Rapids in the next couple of weeks. Is this still on display?

No, I brought it back home last weekend. If ever you’re in Ottawa, let me know. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be up there before the end of the year. :slight_smile:

I clicked on your post thinking how cute it would be to see someone’s “first piece of art.” You sir are a very talented artist. This is wonderful! What gallery will it be in? Is there a link to the gallery?

clap clap clap!


wow , great job !!! this is so amazing!!!

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