My first piece of art created on the GF


I think this is the firt i write something about a project.
Amazing, awesome, there is no word to describe but you can be very proud.
It’s a real treasure you made alone…


wow! congratulations on a great work there.


The OP suggests it is all Baltic birch - different colors achieved with a variety of stains.


Wow! Awesome job! That is amazing.


Incredible piece man! Way to show what this machine and your creativity can do.


That’s pretty amazing, @polarbrainfreeze ! The number of hours you put into that really shines through! Now I know who to pepper with questions about stains if I have to :smiley:

How paranoid do you have to be about pushing the individual spires during transport? Heh


As stated many times above, this is incredible!

My first thought was, “this is probably the view that the Ninja Turtles have just before exiting the sewer.”


So, why did you not cut out 100’s of little windows out of acrylic? Just Kidding! This is way cool!


Beautiful. Very creative.


I recall seeing the drafts of this, just wow!!!


WOW! So cool. Love the detail. Love the variation. Nice Job.


Very impressive!


Breathtaking! The detail makes my head spin :upside_down_face:


That turned out really amazing! great to see the final product! Hopefully it goes to a buyer who shares it where the public can see it, would be a shame for something that beautiful to be locked away in a private collection.


That’s fantastic. Even after getting my machine, I was waiting for a few specific people to get theirs.
I knew that you would be good.
I knew that I would linger over the details.
You are a master, sir.


Simply Amazing…that is all I can say…


Wow! That’s awesome!!


That is simply astounding.


That. Is. Simply. Amazing. Really, just gorgeous and intricate and wow. I dig the photo of you holding the piece. It just made my day!


Simply in Awe! Exceptional work!