My first piece of art created on the GF


Thanks. I like to explore the contrast between city and country.

I live in the country now, on a 100 acres. But I used to live in the city of Ottawa, which is comparatively small at about 1 million people. Before that I lived in even smaller cities (Kingston at 130,000, and Cornwall at 40,000).

I love visiting large cities like New York and walking around it’s dense urban landscape. But I’m always happy to get back to my house with the open space around it.


Beautiful piece! I hope that viewers are invited to get up close when it finds its forever home – each building has so much detail.


As an artist myself, I understand the desire to “explain” the ideas behind our works. If for no other reason, than to help us better understand ourselves. I have to say that I got the same uneasy feeling reading his original post. Some people may be jealous of your artistry, while others may be inspired just as you were. Your work stands on its own merits 100%, and I for one would be proud to have it hanging in my living room (not that I could afford it! Lol). Bravo!


Right on man, that smile on your face is well earned. I love your stats too.


Totally agree!! Just ignore people that want to suck your joy @polarbrainfreeze … We are inspired everyday by loads of different things. To claim an artist came up with something completely on their own would be ludacris…unless of course they were born and raised in a void…lol
The talent lies in using that inspiration and making something unique…just like you did…


That being said, and as a future Glowforge owner (so far Nov. 27th is my estimated “ship” date), I have one question. Those buildings have such depth to them…now I know that GF can do depth cutting, but did you have to turn those buildings on their sides to complete the sculpting, or were they able to be done by one-sided cutting?


Hi @ros1111.

I did not turn the buildings at all, but I did cut this piece in several layers. Each building is comprised of 4 different layers. Once the layers are cut, they are glued together using wood glue.


See I can’t imagine the amount of work it took to pull that off…I’m usually bored with it after a couple of layers. Three is a pill, and that’s without all the stunning decorative work. :smile:


A coin, ruler, or banana for scale would be neat, I can’t tell how big this is. Looks amazing and the hours involved in staining and design are easy to under appreciate. The laser is awesome, but just a tool. Thanks for sharing


The last picture in the OP is the scale - it’s as big as he is. Looks like a 5 foot diameter :slight_smile: It’s huge with lots of small buildings. Just amazing work.


Yikes! That’s awesome!!!


It’s actually a 4 foot diameter. I made it specifically that size to it can fit in the back of my minivan.


We’re talking high art, and all acknowledging that you are in league with big names, and this gives me giggles.

Like, “why is the Mona Lisa that size?”
“Because that’s the base from my box of wine.”

4’ is a great size. I love it.


I can be practical and artsy at the same time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The first one I made of this was 5 feet in diameter. Transporting it is a nightmare. So I made my life a little easier with this one.


It is amazing, but the best part is your proud smile! Congratulations on an amazing piece of art!


Loaded late for me… you are correct though.




I’m not sure how I missed this, but it’s beyond spectacular! Just brilliant.


Hey that looks amazing!
What software did you use to make that?


I used Sketchup to design that one. I’m making some new ones, and for those, I’m using Fusion 360.