My first plywood box

For our 30th reunion, I was tasked to make badges for all 240 classmates. At the conclusion of that project I realized I could make a box to hold them as well. Here are the results.
This is made from Lowe’s Luan plywood. I used an alcohol based blue anilin dye. And urethaned the parts prior to assembly. The liner is proofgrade Medium draftboard. The ‘88s are inlaid proofgrade Maple.


Looks great! Nice inlay work - looks tight. :grinning:

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Very nice inlay … Box turned out so very nice!

Great design and execution. We are kindred spirits. I just made 150 acrylic ornaments and wanted very much to be done with the whole project. But nope, decided I had to make three display boxes using the same Luan plywood. I really like the look of the stuff and your stain took it to another level.


The centers of the 8’s were “Hammer” tight!


What a great box! It would be perfect for storage of a card collection, like for games.

Very nice and I agree with @cynd11 perfect for other collections, even recipes.

I used the generator to set up the cuts for the sides.