My first post - expressing frustration


So, if we’re a customer and have already taken delivery, if we apply for a position at GF, do we have to give up our machine if we get the job? :smiley:


Is the Dan from Washington state that ordered a basic at 5:55 on day one the @dan?

Are all the others from Washington that seem to have been skipped over actually incognito GF employees?


Yes, I added myself to the spreadsheet… I was order #1 but have not yet received my forever Glowforge. I’ll have to talk to someone about that.


I will put in a good word for you if you like. :grin:


Thank you for replying and sharing your thoughts and especially for apologizing! I know you guys are doing what you can and what you see fit, and myself and others may not like it, but I am still standing by you guys and am stilling waiting for my GF. I would never cancel… I have big plans for it.

That being said, and please don’t hate me for posting this here, but I just came across this and would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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I wasn’t sure whether the spreadsheet was helpful to Glowforge or not. I could see it as a potential source of aggravation, but if you’ve added yourself to it, I guess that means it’s OK…

Off to add my info…


Here’s a thread dedicated to the Cubiio…

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When I try to access @dan’s schedule as linked, I get an “access denied” message.


as noted in that thread, the url is borked. it’s just this old schedule; he’s noting they’ve not changed it.


You should just be able to hit refresh, that’s what I do whenever I get that and it works just fine. Probably a hiccup in the connection.


Or it’s like he said… :stuck_out_tongue:


15 months now on the list and this is the first I’ve read/heard of this potential for receiving your GF earlier based on forum participation. I haven’t seen anything in an email or update suggesting this. Granted, I spend very little time going through the community forums aside from reading announcements and some light browsing. That being said, after some light searching, I have yet to find anything solid substantiating this claim and I honestly hope I don’t.

The assumption that everyone that has ordered a unit would frequent these forums in search of ways to competitively gain product ship time advantage over fellow GF recipients is beyond comprehension. Furthermore, the concept of someone moving themselves higher on the GF shipping list based on community contribution is equally unsettling.

Again, I truly hope this is all speculation and rumor, not to be confused with the reality of everyone receiving their product based simply on when they placed their order.

Can anyone put any truth to this mechanic being used to determine or modify buyers’ ship dates?


So by the time @Dan from Washington posts that he got his golden email, we should all be happy campers on our own.

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Post #32 of this very thread…


…addresses a small subset of the overall list but does nothing to dispel nor substantiate whether or not forum participation currently will have an impact on one’s delivery date. Maybe you’re seeing something I’m not. Call me obtuse but I’d like to see it in black and white.


Ah. “Currently” being the focus. @dan would have to directly address then. All we know about is what has already occurred and as far as we know, is locked in place at this point.

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I for one am thinking you just might know a guy. :slight_smile:


Thanks Wesley. Here’s to hoping that’s the case :slight_smile:


I loved that!

In my house it’s the first pizza. It can be tricky getting in the rhythm of cooking a pizza in 90 seconds without it burning if you don’t do it all the time. The first pizza often gets sacrificed to the fire gods :grinning:

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