My first print finally


I just wanted to post that I got my forge tonight. UPS took their sweet time delivering it, I was waiting all day and it finally showed up after 6pm, and with only 2 handles missing! It took no time to get setup and printing.

For my first print I wanted to print a founder’s ruler, but I could not find it on the app if anyone knows how to get it I still want to print one. So instead I went with the key chain ruler.


Looks perfect! :grinning:


Congrats and any pictures of your setup?


Thanks, not right now, it is not in a permanent location as I will be moving in a few weeks. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my forge at all before I moved, but since it came so soon I could not just leave it boxed up for that long. Once I move I will have a full setup.


Nice job on the key chain ruler! Odd that you can’t find the Founders Ruler, I still see it in my design space, right next to the plaque.


Congratulations! Could you send a note to support about the missing ruler?


@dan You must be really proud of your team as these GFs show up in so many places and into the hands of so many. It gives me goose bumps to think I’ll ne pressing my Start Button for the first time in a few short weeks. And thanks for having the tenacity to see this beginning come to life. :sunglasses:


I don’t want to insult your web skills, but did you click the “show more” button on the design page? There have been a few posts questioning the show more approach as opposed to the infinite scroll implementation. It has tripped up other people.


No insult taken as someone in Software development I get roped into being IT for far too many people and it’s all too often a seat to keyboard interface error. That said when on my computer there is no “show more” button. When on my phone I selected it and, just the last few designs show up, which were the exact same ones as in my desktop. So sadly in this case it is not such a quick solution.


In that case you’re familiar with the ever helpful software dev response of, “doesn’t happen on my machine.” I can be of no more use here.


Looking good! Glad it worked right away for you. Have fun!


Glad you didn’t wait until after your upcoming move to break it out and play a bit! Hopefully they’ll get your founder’s ruler straightened out shortly. Have fun!!