My first project... Peanuts


In 1988 my uncle gave me a hand etched art piece of Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I got my Glowforge up and running today and decided to give the Trace function a try.

The one on the right was made on the Glowforge in 28 minutes. I came out great for a first try. I think with a bit of tweaking I could get the details a bit higher.

I’m simply amazed by the quality, using just the camera in the lid.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who helped me get my Glowforge setup and printing today. The live stream on Twitch was fun and I will do it again tomorrow!


Home run, first strike !


Good job! Bit of weeding still to do… :wink:


Great choice…choosing baseball eliminates Lucy pulling the football!


What an unforgettable first project, recreating memories!