My first project...The Space Shuttle!

Well happy to almost be done with this big project for my first ever 3-D. I still need to finish painting it, just have it primed for now, but my son loves it. It is for his bedroom so luckily it doesn’t have to be perfect. SHUTTLE


Nice! I think the painting is the only reason I haven’t made this (I hate painting :slight_smile: )


That’s darn fine work for a first project. Congratulations!


Welcome to the forum!
Just moved your post. The Free Design section is for when you share a design you have designed and provide a file.
We just put ours together but haven’t painted yet. Well done!


Definitely a “Go big or go home” moment… and you went BIG. Very nicely done.
Welcome to the forum. We all look forward to seeing more from you in the future. And as a side note, this forum is your best tool for using your GF. Read it daily, go back and read old posts, use the search function (there are tons of topics available) and don’t be afraid to ask questions. We may have the answer you are looking for or we may point you to the search but either way we are here to help.


Looks great!! A big first project … kudos!


Thank you! : )

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Thank you! : ) I have been reading lots of the older posts and searching for questions I may have. If I have future questions, I most definitely will reach out here.


Ok, thank you so much for clarifying the two links. I will certainly post my projects there in the future. Look forward to seeing your completed project. : )

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Thank you! : )

LOL yes it is quite the task- hence posting my pic before completing! I needed a break from the tedious painting.

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