My first projects <3


My first 2 projects!! I LOVE this machine and how easy it is. It’s hard to believe that right out the box I’m able to start creating things like this. I have been making signs for several years using my Silhouette for stencils… this will definitely be taking it to the next level, for sure . I’m SOOO excited!


Lovely! Congrats on your new toy! :grinning:


Nice color work, care to share your process and materials?


Thank you :slight_smile: I used a piece of my own 1/2 birch plywood, 12x12 ,for the board and some strips of pine that I cut for the frame. The lettering, flowers and leaves are cut from the med. maple that came with my machine. Acrylic and chalk paints for the colors :slight_smile:


I agree, the colors are very nice! Very attractive sign.


Hit the ground running and good start.


Your sign looks awesome and I especially like the fonts that you used. :smile:


Oh wow, amazing first projects! You are gonna make a bunch of cool things.


Lovely! Love the flowers!


Now you signs can become more dimensional.


Lovely! What a great way to start!


Great start with your laser! Exploring the effects and capabilities of this thing is like the most childlike fun I’ve had as a 63 year old man.