My first self created project

Here is my first self created project. I’m on day 2 of ownership. I did an escutcheon (sp?) For our forge. Drew the button hole and triangular outline in Alibre Design (a parametric program like Fusion 360, but I think it’s better, though it is not free). The graphics and text were added in inkscape. 13 min cut time on PG maple hardwood.

“Excandesco” is the name of our glowforge. In Latin it means “to glow white hot”. The other words, from left to right, mean create(ive) and science/technology. The animals are each of our favorites.



Great job on it! :grinning:


Excellent! I like these escutcheons (escutchia?) that have some meaning built into them. Mine is pretty lame in that regard.


Well, literally it’s “I am glowing white hot” (or “I catch fire” or “I am burning with rage”) … which is just as good :slight_smile: but the present active infinitive (to glow) is “excandescere”

“partum” would be “having been created” (as a perfect participle of the verb “pario”) or “of parts” (genitive plural of the 3rd declension noun “pars”) or “gains/acquisitions/savings” (2nd declension noun “partum”) or “offspring” (the accusative form of the 4th declension noun “partus”) … for “creative” I’d go with “artifex” (which means “skilled” and “artistic” as well as “creative”). There’s also “creativus”(masc.)/“creativa”(fem.) and “effectivus”/“effectiva” but those are both quite rare.

“scientiea” … I don’t know about that one. “scientia” is Latin for “science” (or “knowledge” or “skill”). I haven’t run across “scientiea” but I suppose it could be an unusual variant. But I’m assuming typo.


Wife got them from a Latin dictionary at my her school. So we ran with it. Neither of us can conjugate Latin, so we could have some issues there.

We will run with it I suppose.



Stupenda sunt aedificare.

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Looking good! Off to a good start with the escutcheon.

I like it. Great first created project. I started out sort of simple. Had a time trying to get everything right.

I’m not an expert on teaching conjugation, but it would seem you need to use a sword to really make it stick.


You’re off to a great start. What a creative name for your Glowforge!