My first two attempts printing

The coasters are a gift for my sister, the logo is the theater group she and her husband produced for 50 years.

The envelope is an image of my house. Had to play with the power level a bit, in the end 15 worked best.


Great idea on that envelope–I’ve not seen that done before. It came out great!

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Very interesting engrave on the envelope! It doesn’t compromise the integrity of the paper does it? This is a very unique concept that is new to me!

(Nice coasters too.)


At 17, the railing part cut through. 15 seems to be OK, although doubtless it’s close to the edge. I was walking a fine line between getting the image dark enough while keeping the integrity of the paper.

I was printing on the standard cheap business envelopes. A bit heavier stock of stationary would help.


one think you could do to boost up the interior integrity is to actually put a label on the inside that’s larger than the engrave.


Another option could be create a stamp to add the image to the envelop?


Both good ideas. But I have some other things in mind that would involve engraving on paper, so I was eager to try this first.


i don’t think you could get the same kind of detail on a stamp, but it would be a lot faster to add to the envelop once it’s made.

True. This was a 9 minute print. But I don’t really send that many letters, so that’s fine with me.

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That is good point.

What about engraving on a label sticker? And then transferring the sticker to the envelop?

Of course just printing on the sticker would be easiest…

Actually that’s one thing I was planning to play with, but not for this application. I like that the image is directly on the envelope. But yes, label stickers have a good deal more thickness.

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Lovely work - and that’s a great logo!
I’m thinking you need 4 different season shots of your house - so someone in the future knows when in the year it was sent :smiley:

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that’s why i suggested putting it inside. avoid the unattractive part of the label on the outside, but still add to structural integrity.

on the other hand, if you line up labels 5-6 across and make it one image, it will probably take less than 9 mins apiece since the GF will only have to slow down twice per line for 5-6 images vs 10-12 times.


Thanks. I don’t know about four seasons, but I was planning to do a summer image when the time comes.
I’ll do my best to move the post as you suggest.

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Love the envelope! I’d like to see it on a heavier, possibly cream colored envelope…I think you could do something really great for Christmas cards (if you send them out) by having your house all decorated for Christmas in the photo… Thank you for showing this!

What a cool idea. Bet the post man/ lady takes a double take on it. :blush:

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mail carrier :slight_smile: