My GF has been sat in storage for nearly 3 weeks waiting for you

Hello support,

I love my GF and up until now the support has been decent… I returned my GF as we agreed using UPS… it has now been sat in storage for nearly 3 weeks.

Your support has said “there is nothing more we can do”… seriously, one of your guys said that… I won’t mention his name here.

Quite honestly though I am disgusted by what I have been told in the last email from your support guy.

Up until now everything has been polite but clearly in effective since the problem was blamed on my address/details… then your man assumed the problem was at your end… now he is saying there nothing they can do.

All you need to do is call UPS and confirm you details to them and give them the tracking number I gave to you at the beginning… they will then deliver to you

I have now tweeted your main man to see if he can give things a nudge along.

I actually rely on my GF for a living… so this wasted time is absolutely killing me

Please check my ticket… please respond… please call UPS


I’m so sorry that your shipment hasn’t made it through to us yet so that we can repair your unit and get it back to you! We’ve been working with the shipper, and we want you up and printing, too! I’ve just replied to your email, so will close this thread.