My GF is making a grinding noise and stuck on homing

Ahhhh…I am scared! My gf is making a grinding noise when it is moving and now it stuck on “homing” I have tried turning it off- gently moving the arm back and forth to make sure something isnt stuck- turning it off and on- and re-positioning the arm under the camera… what can I do to fix this??? I just cleaned it 2 weeks ago and have only done couple cuts since then- I dont think it’s overly dirty…

Have you cleaned off the lid camera and the top of the lid where the Glowforge logo is?

When is the grinding happening? Is it all the time or only when the head goes back to the home position at the left rear of the machine? Or maybe when it is moving forward as opposed to side to side?

Thanks for the idea- I just tried it and started it up but the grinding noise started again so I shut it off :frowning:

Make sure the lid camera lens and logo are clean. With the machine off, move the head and gantry to the back left corner - normal starting position. If you have material with holes in it, try pulling that out of the bed. If you have light coming into the machine, or light causing weird shadows, rectify that.

I would also check to see if there is anything on the rails or caught in the belt teeth.

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Thanks for reaching out. I see you already emailed us about this, and I just replied with some troubleshooting steps to try. I’m going to close this topic so we can continue to work with you there.