My Glow Edge Lanterns - Eye Candy

The glow-edge lamps I made last month were the hit of our festival display this year. I framed our front walk with two matching “golden moon” lanterns with the glow-edge lamps inside. I had so many passers-by ask what they were/how they were made/where to get them, etc. At one point people were waiting in line to take each other’s pictures in front of them. Glow edge lamps are notoriously difficult to photograph so I hope at least some of their pictures turned out.

We even had a brief rain and the battery-op LED pucks held up nicely without any issues. The batteries lasted throughout the entire weekend (turned on for 7-8 hours per day).

It was a fun evening. I wish the pandemic would end so we can open up our porch to visitors again. Next year!


What a welcoming glow these lanterns emit. Next year will be even better as folks can mingle again - I hope!!

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They are so pretty! Looks like a fun festival.

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