My glowforge connectivity is EXTREMELY slow

So I have not really had any issue with my glowforge (Basic) until just the last couple of days. It is 20x slower than it was. Either moving, resizing, uploading, you name it. If I try and do it (anything), I have to wait about a minute (no kidding) before it actually happens. Is this a simple fix or something I am overlooking?

Sounds like your issues are with the glwoforge dashboard? Have you tried clearing the cache on your browser? or trying a different one?

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Run a speedtest on your connection, make sure your WiFi is pumping well (check out the admin page on your router - most will have stats on connectivity), reboot everything (computer, WiFi, router, GF). Try to start from a clean slate.

I had a network issue at my house yesterday that took me 2 hours to diagnose and eventually I realized it was the powerline ethernet adapters - the main one hooked to my router was kaput. Didn’t affect the GF as that’s wireless, but it was cool digging into all of the graphs / speedtests / data to figure it all out and see how things were running. I ended up moving one of my Orbi hubs closer to the GF so it’d get better / faster signal.

I tried a different browser and it did not make a difference in the speed.

I’m sorry to hear you ran into trouble while using the app. Do you have plugins in either browser that you tried? To rule out if there might be a plugin which is contributing to the slow speeds you’re experiencing, please try clearing your cache and cookies in Chrome and then log into the Glowforge App from an incognito tab. Please let us know how it goes!

I hope your Glowforge is performing well for you. Since we haven’t heard back about this issue, I’m going to close this ticket. We want you to enjoy your Glowforge and are here to help.