My GlowForge Doesn’t cut at all

Hello! I buy a glowforge and don’t work well, don’t cut at all I need help

Have you been able to cut anything? Are you using a Glowforge file or one of your own? Can you share a photo of a failed project?


I’m using a Svg design, the left side cut, but the right side is poor, doesn’t cut at all and also don’t engrave well.

This is another example, the first picture are the left side, and the another one is the right side.

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First, check to see if the honeycomb tray is properly installed. Make sure all of the feet are in the dimples of the Gloworge floor. Make sure the Glowforge is flat/level. Use the set focus tool. Finally, what is the material in the first picture?

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I already did everything and still don’t working and the material was the Maple Hardwood of the kit That GlowForge send me.

How in the heck did the top finish on the maple get peeled off like that? Something pretty rough happening to it.

Yes, don’t cut.

Hi @caroqui28 I received your email, and noticed your Community threads opened to get some help with the cut trouble. I just replied to your email support ticket now. I am going to close out your Community threads to consolidate everything to the email thread and will look forward to your response on there. Thank you!