My Glowforge is not cutting square

My machine is not cutting square. It may have always been that way but I just did not notice until I started working on jigs that needed to be precisely square. Right now my Glowforge (plus) is cutting off by 3/32 of an inch which = .3 degrees out of square. This is unacceptable for the templates I am creating. I have contacted support but they are not responding after I sent all the pictures they requested. All of the pullies and belts are good and belt tension is what is recommended by GF. How do I fix this?

Have you referenced this support page yet?


Yes I saw that but step 7 intimidated me. From reading other posts it sounds like this only fixes the problem until powered on again.

Not sure what posts you’re reading, but if your machine continuously goes out of square after being fixed then something is slipping. For the majority squaring it once fixes it from there on out (or until something wears out and starts slipping way down the road).

Support will only respond when they have new information for you - by posting here you’ve actually slowed down their response to you since they’ll have to find/verify/close this post before they can respond to your email. In the future, if you want community help just post here - and if you want private help just send an email - not both.

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Okay. Good to know.

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Hi @jfikar. I apologize for any delayed responses and I just responded to your opened email support ticket earlier. To avoid any potential confusion, I’ll go ahead and close this ticket. I’ll look forward to your email response. Thank you!