My Glowforge is saying Offline and I have tried EVERYTHING

My Glowforge is saying Offline and I have tried EVERYTHING. Please tell me there there is some option or loophole that I have overlooked. tech support just send me the the same thing to try that I find on the Help Center. I have unplugged from the wall, from the GF itself, I have rebooted my wi-fi, contacted my internet provider, attempted to use my phone as a hotspot, used my portable wi-fi device and I have also reset up again…NOTHING works. I am almost in tears over here. It just stopped working in the middle of a project for a customer and I do not know what to do.

Sounds like the wifi module has died. If holding the button down to get the pulsing teal light isn’t working, it will have to be replaced.

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Are you referring to the wi-fi module inside of the Glowforge?

Yes, but it is not replaceable - it is soldered onto the main control board. The whole machine will have to be replaced.

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No, please don’t tell me that.

Sorry, but those are the facts.

If your machine can’t connect to wifi, then you can’t even download the logs for support to further diagnose.



I recently lost my wifi signal for only about the 3rd time in over 5 years, although it was not in the middle of a project. Like you, I did everything in the list of troubleshooting provided by Glowforge. It took over 2 hours until if finally worked again…but, there’s no way I could tell you what made it happen. I’m sorry for your miseries. My only suggestion is to keep trying…do every single thing and check it off the list…and hopefully you will have some luck like I did.


Thank you. I’m going to keep trying. I’ve only had it for a month and a half, and it was working fine until Monday night. I’m just at my whits end, and I’m hoping and praying that it comes back online.

Finally back online. Thanks for your assistance.

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Aside from offering some support, I wasn’t really any help so I’m glad you’re back online.

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Can i ask what you did to have it work again?

Hi. I refreshed my screen so that all networks were visible and I chose my Wi-Fi connection. Initially nothing was showing up so there was nothing for me to select.

Ok, me the green light don’t stay on.

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