My glowforge is stuck on lid open

Help, I was cutting some material opened my lid and then closed it to cut some more and it says lid open. I cleaned the whole thing out, made sure all the tabs were closed, I restarted my Wi-Fi and computer and even bought a new black cable, nothing is working.

If you’ve replaced the black ribbon cable following the detailed instructions in the support section, and are absolutely certain all connections are good, then it’s probable there is a hardware failure and the machine will have to be replaced. Replacing that cable is the first thing support would recommend.

This is even more likely if it failed after simply opening the lid, as opposed to after cleaning - many broken machines result from people cleaning areas that are not necessary, and getting liquid into places it shouldn’t be, shorting out the sensitive electronics.

It’s worth spending some more time checking all the connections, and also the two between the front of the lid and the LED strips down each side.

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Thank you, I am completely sure everything is connected. Do you know if glowforge replaces it if it’s the hardware? I have owned it for over a year :grimacing:

If you are out of warranty, you will have to purchase a refurbished machine and send yours back.

Thank you for your help. I just need to figure out how to get ahold of someone that works for glowforge to see what I do now

You will need to email support directly at and explain to them what you’ve posted here.

You use the contact form (“contact us here”) on the main support page. Fill it out and they will get back to you (by email) eventually. Add as much detail as you can, including clear close-up pics of all the connections.

Thank you

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