My glowforge just lasered into the handle at the front of the crumb tray

So i put an image into my glowforge app and loaded my non proofgrade material, I had just cut another design and it cut flawlessly but seemed to be close to the edge but I had the material placed up to the edge of the crumb tray, I used the same setting as it was the same material I had just cut with no issue. The crumb tray is pushed as far as it can physically be to the front of the machine. I tried searching in the forums for similar issues but couldn’t find anything.
file name is Mrcirclecut

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The crumb tray needs to be seated in the little dimples in the base of the unit. You can lower the front door of the unit and gently slide the tray back and forth until you feel it seat correctly. Make sure the rounded handle is pointing towards the front.

When you place your materials and designs, make sure that everything stays over the gridded (metal) area of the tray. (And it’s not the most attractive, but lasering once into the plastic isn’t going to hurt anything…I’m guilty of accidentally doing it once when the tray wasn’t seated correctly.)


You can’t let your material overlap the plastic on the sides of the crumb tray, or it will knock the head out of alignment, which can make it go out of bounds like that. :slight_smile:


Thanks, looks like I just had the crumb tray installed wrong, it was in the machine with the handle to the front but I hadn’t seated it with the door open. I guess that was the first or maybe second time I cut into the handle. I now have it seated correctly, thanks for your help


I made that mistake early on and have a crumb tray that calls out to be sure everything is correct before starting. Properly seated there is no chance of that happining,

Thanks for the answers @Jules and @geek2nurse , that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!