My Glowforge kicks my Laptop offline everytime I connect to it

So I just got my replacement Glowforge today. The first one didn’t work right from the very first Gift of Good Measure. They said it was an internal problem that had to be sent back. So I reluctantly obliged and was all excited to have another Glowforge when it arrived today. Now I cannot get the new one to connect properly at all. Every time I try to connect my laptop with the Glowforge it instantly boots me off of my internet connection to my router. Then, I’m connected to the Glowforge, but no internet. I’ve restarted my router numerous times, it’s a super strong signal. Everything is exactly the same as my last glowforge that I just took out and replaced with the new one. The last one, although broken in other ways, always connected perfectly to my laptop and the internet. Any suggestions? Man I could really use a quick and easy fix. I have a lot of work to get done with this thing.

You only connect to the GF to set up the wifi, then you go back to your regular wifi connection to begin using it.

Instructions are here.


Yep. Just a stupid small oversight on my part. Thanks.


I’m glad to see you were able to get connected. Thanks for the help, @eflyguy! If you run into any other trouble, please open a new thread or email us at