My Glowforge lid is bending over

Hi Guys!

So i had trouble to close my Glowforge lately, and now I turned it outside the back and I realized the lid is bending over.
It is looks very bad, I don’t know what to do with it.
I am afraid to push it back, maybe it will brake the glass.

It’s hard to tell from your photo but it looks like the glass might be separating from the hinges. This has happened to a few people. Try doing a search for it…there are several posts and some successful repairs posted.


Hardened glass may warp a bit but you will not be able to “unbend” it. Pressure to do so will only ease the forces on the top and bounce back as soon as the pressure is relived. If the forces in the glass get unbalanced by a sharp tool or a fire underneath the amazing forces will be released with an explosion and no piece a half inch in any direction.

In general the lid should only be lifted the amount necessary to insure minimal stress on the hinges. There was an issue with the black cable that has been updated to no longer an issue.

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