My Glowforge now supplemented by a Universal

My company finally got our 32x18, 75w universal installed today. This thing is sweet. User interface is much easier than I anticipated. Lots of material preset starting points built into the software, which is driven by an easy to use print driver. Air assist is really strong and focused, and our filtration system is working flawlessly. Just ran extruded acrylic and smelled nothing.


Love the big machines :slight_smile:

The Epilogs have the same direct to print driver functionality which really streamlines the workflow.

I’m waiting for the GF promised direct DXF driver functionality! :smile:


Me too, but I wonder how much of a problem overlapping lines are going to be with direct to DXF output. At least Fusion 360 does not seem to trim overlapping lines when exporting.


You’re making me so jealous, I miss the Universal and Epilogs we had at my local TechShop even though my GF has arrived.