My Glowforge pro will not cut or engrave?

Please help we are just starting out and we bought it used, still with a warranty. They just upgraded. We have cleaned everything and is there suppose to be liquid in the tube or does it light up? The unit lights up and the turns on it moves like it is going to cut but nothing happens.

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Are you familiar with setting speed and power in the interface? If your power is set to 1, the machine will go through the motions but not actually cut/score/engrave.

Same file or any file? Have you tried the gift of good measure test file?

Liquid in the tube won’t be visible. It self-purges bubbles/air. If power got reset to 1 (which sometimes happens) it won’t light up and you won’t get any marking.


Thank you where is the power setting?

In the UI… the settings for your project.

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We will try that next does the power setting automatically happen with this test?

Your power and speed settings will autopopulate if you select a proofgrade material.

You should probably go through the first few prints article to learn how to use the machine.


I’m sorry for the trouble while using your Glowforge. It looks like you already received some great advice from other community members. Thanks folks!

I see in the logs that you’ve printed since your last post in this thread. Did the test print, and your other prints later on, go well?

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