My glowforge shows offline, but is clearly on?

As many people as I see having issues, I’ve got to believe that its all related somehow.


WooHoo! We seem to be back up and running again. Will test and notify support. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll admit I was seriously worried it was bricked when turning it off and on again 3 times didn’t fix it. I was verrrry relieved when unplugging fixed it. I did not want to have to box it up and ship it back for a replacement!


I’m working now!


This mysterious cascade of simultaneous issues points to a common denominator. Our machines didn’t all communicate and agree to a conspiracy.

SKYNET!! (Schwarzenegger voice) “Became self aware on June 26th at 12:42 PM”


Maybe it’s a symptom of the latest ransomware virus spreading today?



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I’m not sure this is exactly correct. My experience earlier today with a confused machine involved nothing happening after I turned it on, but calibration starting as soon as I logged in to the GFUI. Might be coincidence, but it was more than once. (Also had this weird thing where it wouldn’t let me log out while the machine was turned on but unresponsive.)

It was. Unless mine’s some sort of exception, it calibrates within just several seconds (less than a minute). Long before I ever login the the GFUI. The only time I’ve ever seen the GFUI say “Calibrating” was after an error. Otherwise, by the time I login to it, it says “Ready.”

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I know that the calibration on power-up is the normal behavior. But I think there may be a state that a GF can get into where it doesn’t do that.

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Okay. There’s no reason to suspect that that I’m aware of. I am as certain as one could possible be that the Glowforge app website has nothing at all to do with head calibration. (Except where it could use something on the back-end of that server to bounce the images off of, but nothing to do with actually logging into the app website.)

Possibly not. But I can certainly see a condition where S/W updates or other communication with the unit wouldn’t be allowed unless you were logged off. Or successful completion of an update may not have occurred until login. S/W and H/W combinations have endless possibilities.

If yours went through a calibration where the head and gantry move upon power up then the problem you experienced may have nothing to do with the refusal to enter calibration that quite a few of us were experiencing. Or it may have just manifested as a different condition. Your guess is as good as ours.


And, with that, I’ll agree to disagree and bow out of this. :slight_smile:

My machine came back up later, but still getting some print load errors that I believe is due to focal height. I’m still trying to test that out on my own.

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no, but it’s clear from a few postings here that calibration fails periodically; i bet logging into the app sends a sort of wake up message that might jog it out of its dysfunction. similar outcome, different underlying cause.

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I had the calibration fail on mine and it resulted in me having to manually moving the head (while it was off) under the lid camera then turning it on. I guess it didn’t know where its head was …


I’ve had the same issue for the past 24 hours. Has anyone landed on a solution for this?

Not sure which problem you are referring to. Guessing it is the offline indication. Try the Troubleshooting guide. Specifically the Wifi solutions. It’s usually the cause.

Is the button any other color but white? Also, is it staying on?

If it is staying on, using a wireless device, see if it is broadcasting a “Glowforge-xxxxx” wireless network.

If so, it has lost connection to your 2.4 WiFi network.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
The machine is on, but the button is not. The button also doesn’t light up
at all when the machine is powered on.