My glowforge stops to cool down very 3 min

I am a teacher using a glowforge to print student projects.
it does fine on the first 5 min print. but any subsequent it stops every 3 min to “cool down”.
so a 10 min print takes 1/2 and hour or more to finish.
I tried to clean it up, thinking dust from prints may be an issue, is there a protocol for cleaning to hep with this “cool down” issue?

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what is the temp of the room?

are you getting air flow into the front right of the machine OK?

answer those and that will help the support folks when they see you post.

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The room is approx 68 degrees.
there is nothing in the way to the right front of the machine…is there an air intake somewhere on that side…is it underneath?

Yep. I once had a piece of paper slide under there and get pulled up against the intake.

Are you venting out the window or into the Glowforge filter?

Filter, no window nearby

Then it is very possible that your filter is full and/or the fan needs to be turned up.


Hello @avilazach I am very sorry to hear about the cooling issues you are running into. I went ahead and sent an email to you regarding this problem. I will be needing some pictures of your personal set up so I would like to continue the correspondence over email. I will go ahead and close this ticket and I will look forward to your response. Thank you.