My Glowforge(TM) has arrived!

It came end of last week. Box was in pretty good shape - compression on one edge where the box hit something hard (or visa-versa). One handle missing. One handle broken. One long side totally scuffed up from someone pushing the box around on its side. Tape intact except where the box compression was.

Didn’t have the Founder Ruler of much of anything on the app. Support is looking into it. Probably due to change in contact info after the ‘Do you want your Glowforge’ email was sent out. First copy disappeared into the ether and never got here. Had to contact support and change the email address on file.

So due to that and venting issues (see below) haven’t cut much other than cardboard for testing. It works well so far!

Venting out a casement window didn’t work well enough because the cold air this time of year was flowing into the room quite noticeably, bringing too much of the Glowforge exhausted air right back in. I have a much better solution to implement this week.

Spending time quickly learning, and printing the SVGs it produces, Inkscape.

More to come later, I’ve got some interesting projects lined up!


Venting problem? Wondering if some people just have homes that are too air tight? Venting air has to be replaced by air coming in to the space. My home breathes a lot so it’s not a problem. But bathroom and kitchen fans, some furnaces, fireplaces, etc expel air that has to be replaced. The smallest gap in the vent window might suck smoke.


Thanks for the reminder! Once I get the venting set up right I’ll be sure to get MUA flowing in - especially since I’ll be adding a booster fan outside of the house.

In my current case it was just the normal inside hot air flowing out, outside cold air flowing in exchange that did me in. I don’t mind a bit of heat loss for the length of time I was cutting, but too much odor was coming back in as well.

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Oh great! Glad you got yours intact! Can’t wait to see your projects! :grinning:


Congrats! Genuinely excited to see what you’ll make :slight_smile:

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