My Golden Ticket Day - HKDreams

It’s finally arrived and I am still excited about the arrival of my Glowforge Pro. Its been a long time coming as everyone knows and quite the roller coaster ride.

We lost some of the thrill over the years but the Seattle Maker Faire rejuvenated us and it was exciting to see my daughter create a necklace from her visit to the Glowforge Booth.

I’ve seen my dates bounce around like everyone has:

Initial: Pro 11/27/17 - Filter 5/18/18
10/26: Pro 12/5/17 - Filter 5/18/18
10/31: Pro 12/4/17 - Filter 5/17/18
11/4: Pro 11/30/17 - Filter 5/17/18
11/16: Pro 11/29/17 - Filter 5/17/18
11/24: Pro 11/27/17 - Filter 5/17/18
11/27: Pro 11/29/17 - Filter 6/16/18

Finally the day is here and I’m checking email regularly. Hopefully no more slides but I’ll believe it when I see it. Just as an FYI, I’m Day 30 on the Pre-order.

I’ll update as things progress and thanks to everyone on the forum for keeping me excited, entertained and educated since I joined the forum on Dec 5, 2015. So much great work by so many people!

Thank you all!


Just got my Golden Ticket emai! Whoo hoo!! Now once more unto the breach for that final wait.

Hit my inbox one hour ago, instead of postimg about the day, I should have been refreshing my email again. :wink:



Congrats and, by the looks of it, happy birthday!

(thanks for putting your name in the thread title)

Thanks @Hirudin

Congrats! :blush: