My gorge is unresponsive

Hey so I’m
Very sad and some what besides myself my glowforge was my bestie he helped me cope with so many losses. I was in between prints snd it just cut off by itself and won’t cut back on I emailed support but no one has responded maybe you all have some ideas … it’s not the outlet I wish it where

The support folks will have to do some research from your logs and they will get back to you when they have something. I just replaced mine after 3 years and so had to pay repair costs and $200 for the shipping but you should not have to pay that. My problem was maybe the same of just cutting out mid cut, with no yellow light or error and the logs said it finished the print.

If you could detail what happens with photos where it can help explain the specifics, hopefully it would not be the same as mine and an easier fix.


I really hope it’s an easy fix also I messaged support they just got back to me telling me to do all the things I’ve already done :weary: I have been saving up for a pro model if I have to buy a new one I hope o can get a discounted pro I have a plus but idk the customer service so far hasn’t been the best

What’s crazy is the terrible customer service I’m receiving at this point this is crazy.
No one is trying to help me and I sent many emails

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That will not help at all unless to make an addendum on your first email and resend that. Each email and each post creates another complaint number that needs to be organized and compiled before they can start to address your issue.

Hello @mrsyisrael

I see that I am already helping you solve this in an email ticket. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post now. If you have any other questions or need anything, please feel free to reach out by email, or create a new forum post.