My kingdom for that last 1/2"

So close… oh so very close.


Doesn’t look like much, but it’s a piece for my custom keyboard build.

On that future day when I can cut that full bed width then I won’t have to farm jobs out to ponoko for these.

Anyone else have any projects which are just a hair too large to fit currently?


90 degrees and a pro model later…

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Heh, doing it in two parts is my next test, which I could actually do with my basic in this orientation.

Just have to figure out some kind of jig to really ensure there’s no vertical shift of the material as it moves side-to-side, or else the jagged edge that would result would be a bit … telling. =P

I built a kayak once from

Their boats are all in thin Sapele plywood, and they lock together like puzzle pieces. You epoxy the whole thing together while its flat, then sand it flush. Made for a pretty permanent join. In this case, you could do something like that, or have 2 stacked offset layers that are keyed together with dowels or pegs. There’d be a seam, but the overall piece would be very solid.

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[quote=“evansd2, post:4, topic:19908”]
I built a kayak once from
[/quote] THisws will make you any boat of any design you want, even if it’s not a boat.


Its acrylic right? Just cut all the holes with the laser and make a template out of two pieces of 1/4" draftboard for the outside (add some holes for registration on the acrylic) clamp together and use a router with a trim bit. May have to modify the design to keep some of the screw holes inside the cut area but those could also be done manually with the same template if you didnt want to

That’d be one way to get the final outline, but also then would involve some polishing work to get that acrylic edge up to snuff. =)

Appreciate the suggestions tho. =)

eh, it would take about 10 min with a torch to get a pretty nicely polished edge out of it. I did it for some pieces I routed out of 1" and it works nicely