My laser tube not lighting up

my first day with my second glow forge, everything worked fine. my second day when I turned on it seems the laser tube when cutting flashes which It suppose to stay solid purple. when using the gift measure it doesn’t cut or engrave. the laser tube doesn’t turn on.

Do you have a picture of the view from your app? That shows the setup you have?

It seems like the tube leaked coolant. Now the laser tube doesn’t light up at all.

It does look that way. When you first received it was it full with coolant (you would have seen the bubble flow and then it would appear clear)? There was a time period where their machines had a cap that would sometimes leak when shipping. Sadly your issue will likely require it to go back to glowforge :confused:

it was working fine the first day. the second day it wasn’t working and I noticed the fluid leaked into the outer glass. Glowforge will be sending me a new one and will return the damage one.

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