MY Laser won't fire!

I have never had an issue and now my laser won’t fire. everything else works, and it goes through the motions…but the laser isn’t working…and if it does, it is far from doing a consistent cut. Im freaking out here man…this Glowforge is just over a year old. :frowning: HELPPPPPPPPP

You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here in P&S, so you should provide some usable information for Support to use in helping you troubleshoot. Maybe start by cutting a Gift of Good Measure on PG material with PG settings, and post front and back photos along with date / time / time zone of the print, so they can see what you mean by “inconsistent.” :slight_smile:

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I tried the print the GOGM on medium draft board with appropriate settings … it barely engraved it … and didn’t cut it at all. …

I mean inconsistent in the means that it only printed part of the design I was doing … and didn’t cut all the way through the product in another project. A project that I have used the same material before with no problem at all. Then today, it just won’t work at all. :frowning: there have been a lot of frustrating tears she’d today

Check your white cable (the one that attaches to the head) and make sure it’s securely connected.

Double checked … nothing seems to be incorrectly connected.

Have you cleaned all the laser windows? The one under the left side as well?
I just found the same on mine and cleaning them did the trick, It is amazing how little smoke cooked on to the window will lower the power reaching the work,

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I’m wondering if one of the ladder windows has a slight scratch and it’s causing all the grief. I have some spare parts in a cart … two windows and a lens tool (since mine broke when taking out the lens…:rage:) I would have liked to order a new lens but they are sold out apparently… the shipping is more than the three items combined… :flushed: and I’m not even sure if that’s the issue … :weary:

It can’t hurt to have extra standing by. Hard to tell, but the window in the side of the head looks like a slight film. I have seen such a minor thing as a slight film make the difference you show. The two lenses on either side of the main lens can mess with the measured depth of the piece as well.

If your problem is only on MDF that is a common problem of the MDF absorbing humidity and the extra thickness and water reduces the effectiveness of an otherwise perfect setting.

I am making myself sick over this… Customer support via email isn’t comforting at this point…Ive tried 48 hours of trouble shooting. I reside in Canada and feel stranded… I have orders to fill. Sadly if I can’t resolve this issue I will have to explain to them why…

I have sought all recommendations, done the cleaning required, watched every you tube video, and read every forum related to ‘laser not working on Glowforge’ … I’ve concluded nothing, other than I have a super clean expensive Glowforge (that’s not paid for yet…)… that won’t do that main thing that I bought it for… :frowning: My home business is taking a huge hit here… I am patiently waiting for an email response on how to solve this issue; Because i’m at a complete loss and feeling extremely discouraged ~ and very nauseous …

If you are not getting cut through and you have locked the position of the work so it cannot move you can run a second cut and it will be in exactly the same position as before, so where it did not cut, it should on the sequential cuts.

If you see flames instead of smoke, that interferes with the laser and it will not cut as deep there. If you head fan (behind the head) is at all slowed you are more likely to allow the smoke to catch flame.

There are many explanations on that as well…

Deep Cleaning the air assist fan

THE LASER IS NOT FIRING!! even if I cut it 3442 times…no laser, means not cut.

I have detail cleaned this machine… all lenses, fans, crumbs trays. Its laser related, plain and simple.

I have invested close to $11,000 in this machine. I live in Canada and bought this in US dollars. I spent two years researching and looking into this product and have been soooo excited about it and praised it to everyone. My one year anniversary just passed and I have learned the hard way that where the Glowforge is superior in creating art and creativity; The company lacks tremendously in customer support.

I require assistance from the company, not more instruction on how to clean my machine (it can’t get any cleaner) ~ patiently waiting… but getting more and more upset every minute staring at this machine. If they had a person to talk to this process wouldn’t take so long. I understand sometimes its minor issues that throw snags in projects…but a simple phone call might get people back in business faster!!! Happier customers = better product.

The covid disaster here has made everything here difficult. If you have also emailed them they will just close this thread. In general, opening a thread here is because folk think input from other users will help, but it also opens another ticket and thus slows things down more.

This is non-covid related in my opinion. I am left here as a customer with no solution in sight… im left to sit here and “wait” for them to answer this thread??? Up at the top it said that since I posted here it would open up a support ticket. Where is the support??? Since I’ve invested a large amount of money into this company you would think they would have a department to deal with extreme issues. This isn’t because my lens is dirty… I think its larger issue and I need help and affirmation we will get through it.

Thank you for all the assistance you have provided. I have gone over every suggestion with a detailed comb… now what??? sit here and stare at my computer screen and go insane?? … this isn’t just a cheap “hobby machine” that I bought willy nilly. They show great pride in their product and give this falsehood they are there to help when needed…This was a HUGE investment and I feel let down and unsupported.

Here almost everything is covid related. The folks working out of their homes instead of the office, you can’t just go to the distant facility to troubleshoot, and everyone else has the same problem so there is a shortage of everything. Plus of course folks who actually get sick and can’t do their normal work.

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