My latest engrave


Engraved on some medium draftboard. Now it’s time to make some calls to Washington D.C.


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I seem to be out of likes, so I’ll just leave this in the comments: :+1:


Thank you for posting. Trying to think of a witty comment, but will keep the message short so as to fit in the future narrow pipe to Discourse.


Good article on Net Neutrality:


Should read, if you’re freaking out about “Net Neutrality”, you have no concept about what “Net Neutrality” is.


This is not at all what Net Neutrality is about.


working on a crayon version for a certain type of voter who did not see this coming


Can you share some details on how you achieved that effect?


This is why it’s a good thing that glowforges currently don’t require connectivity during a job :rage:


Not to speak for the OP - but it looks like everything except the letters were engraved.


That was my suspicion, but I wanted to be sure. If true, that must have taken a REALLY long time.


Awesome sign.

Here is the “crayon version” somebody wanted above…


Nice job on it! :wink:


Only took about 20 minutes, give or take.

Just a matter of scaling the LPI of the engrave down to what makes sense.