My lego type blast gate

Hey guys! I am posting this because it would have helped me way back when. When I first got my GF, I wasn’t the best at bonding acrylic pieces together. Which led to a lot of frustration trying to get the blast gate opened and closed. It broke all of the time and this is, in my opinion, a lot less stressful.

I call it my lego blast gate because it started with just a pvc pipe in the wall, which led to outside. (It is sealed by a plumber. But I watched him and I could have done it myself. If someone made the hole in the wall, that is. ) So to complete it I went to home depot and lowes and just started connecting pieces. The guy in plumbing didn’t understand what the heck I was doing. I heard him say " I am not sure what she is doing down there! She came to home depot to play legos." Hence the title. I will link all of the pieces I used. I have see a few people that have an opening into walls. It really would work with a window exit. If there is a will, I promise that THERE IS A WAY.

I started with a 4 inch PVC going through the wall. I then added this 4 inch union ring. After that I used a 4 inch union. COnneccted to the union is

rubber coupling

and then last but definately not least is the

bast gate

It has made my life simple.


When I first read the title of this post, I was totally expecting to see how someone created a cool blast gate made entirely from Lego!

This is nothing like that. What an elegant system! Well done.




I thought I changed the name of the post. But apparently, I never submitted it. Thanks.

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