My Lens keeps popping out

HI so ive had my glowforge for 3 months and I absolutely love it. but recently I have had issues. I couldn’t cut with it. after a couple hours i realized the lens was cracked. Once they finally sent me a new one it worked perfect and i was able to cut. once i started to engrave again it was extremely blurry. i realized that the lens keeps getting tilted. When it focuses it keeps knocking the lens out of place. Ive cleaned it and and put it in correctly. it feels like the magnet holds it until it moves. i have orders coming and with chrismas people are very upset if things come late so i am completely under the gun and scared im not going to be able to get it out in time. has anyone had this issue and was able to fix it on their own? tech support takes to long to get back to me (ive already emailed them) i don’t know if they can over night a piece if something is wrong. Im desperate for help! thank you in advance!

Huh this is a new one to me.

I’d post to Problems and Support to get that process going, start the discussion there.

Can you take a pic of the head assembly without the lens in?

Post a link to your P&S thread here so people can follow it there?

I’m at work now but i can when i get home! this is my first time starting a discussion so ill see if i can post it there. sorry im new to all of this! thank you for your reply!

So someone moved it to P&S, but unfortunately that won’t start a ticket. It’ll need to be a new thread to be sure.

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Assume you have removed the lens and looked inside for anything obvious. The lens magnetically attaches to a flat ring inside the head. Could the magnetic ring that holds the lens be broken and a part missing? Could a piece of material be in there? Maybe a piece of broken ring from the lens tool? If you don’t spot something that isn’t supposed to be there and can be removed you will need to wait for Support. Support will likely ask for a picture inside the head opening without the lens. Either way, given that this is Wednesday before Christmas, and no one on the forum has ever reported this problem, you are not likely to make your Christmas deliveries.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.