My lid and front handle just suddenly detached from the machine

It’s been several months since I’ve used my Glowforge. When I went to use it this morning I turned it on and it powered up fine. I then went to lift up the lid to place my material in the unit and when I did the lid detached from the hinge. Clean off like the glue suddenly decided not to work. When the lid popped off the hinge the black cable at the back also detached from the unit. When I went to put the lid back on the front chrome piece fell off as well. So the glue in the front and the glue in the back just suddenly gave out. The unit is clean and hasn’t been used in several months and it is in a climate controlled space. It’s been really well maintained. What happened to my functioning Glowforge? One moment it was fine and the next it was falling apart.


If you search on here there have been others who experienced this same problem. You can glue it yourself and some of those people have suggested certain products. Hopefully the black cable wasn’t damaged.

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The black cable is my biggest worry. Thanks @beerfaced.

I hear you. You probably know this already but what ever you do, do not try to reconnect it if the machine is turned on.

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The black lid cable you can purchase from the Shop and they are in stock… $20.00


Thanks for the tip @gamn1958.

You are very welcome…

Hello there,
Thank you for reaching out to us with your machine issue. It definitely looks like the epoxy on your lid and hinge have failed. This type of problem is going to require a bit more of an in depth assistance to your issue. That said, I’ve started an email from our trouble ticket website, and will work on your issue there, so I’m going to close the topic. So be on the look out for a separate email response concerning your machine issue. Thank you.