My LT project: leather "puppy pouch"

Meet Gertrude! She’s 10 months old and she used to live on the streets of Taiwan. These days, she lives in West Seattle with me. She enjoys wrestling, doggy daycare, and long walks in the park.

She also has a penchant for 5 am wakeup calls when she hastogotothebathroomNOW. Sometimes, in my half-awake state, I forget to bring a handy dandy doggy bag with me outside (ie - down 3 flights of stairs in our apartment building). Any dog owner will tell you that’s a crappy way to start the day (literally). :poop:

So for Laser Thursday last night, I made this cute lil leather pouch in attempt to make sure this never, ever happens to me again. It’ll easily tie onto her leash so I don’t have to think about grabbing a baggie. Right now it’s got about 5 bags in it, but I think it could easily hold 10 - 15.

The design was super-simple and I chose some camel-colored 2 oz leather. The print took about 5 and a half minutes, and then I took the contact paper off, looped the string through, and cinched it together. I’ve been playing with it to soften it and it already cinches tighter than it did last night.

@dan, who is allergic to dogs, is less charmed by my intended use for the bag than other co-workers who cohabitate with canines (forgive my alliterations, I can’t help it!) If you don’t have pups, a bag like this could also be used for game pieces, makeup, small gifts, etc. A few alterations I might make if I do it again: bevel the edges, engrave some paw prints around the edge, engrave the name smaller since it gets distorted when the bag is in use.


Love this out of the box (or… bag) idea!! Well done!!

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What a fun AND practical thing to make. Gertrude at least now has a bit of elegance on her side at such an early hour of the morning. Thank you for sharing it.


What a lucky fashionable pup! :grinning:

My feelings were just hurt when Bailey declined to call it the “poop purse”.


Ok, thats pretty funny…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Can be a medicine bag !


Cute bag, and I love that Gertrude is a rescue street dog! I’m interested in rescue cats myself.


That is because it is a poop POUCH, not a purse.


I think “Poop Pocket” has a good ring to it. :wink:


I don’t know. That sounds a bit too close to “poop rocket,” which…well, let’s just not go there.

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Who’s a good dog?!:dog:

I love dogs!
Bust into the room and act like something great just happened, and your dog will jump up and react with excitement - ready to celebrate whatever it is you are going on about!
Your cat will look at you like you have lost your mind. :no_mouth:

Gertrude is gorgeous! Well done giving that girl a real home!
Great solution, dog prints on it would be a nice touch.
Thanks for sharing your idea!


It’s a PooPocket…

If it’s fresh would that make it hot?



It reminds me of sacchetti or “beggers purse” so @dan would be correct in refering to it as a purse…lol