My machine has been stuck in cooling

Our humidity here is frequently super high, especially in the laundry room, which is where my GF is. The humidity has never had an effect on it, only temperature.

@evansd2 brought up a curious point, that here in las vegas it is super dry (16% humidity) and said maybe that’s why I had an incident with so many cooling cycles, that the air needs some moisture to ‘cool’ the unit down, I am tracking humidity and see if that hypothesis is valid.

curiosity awaits!


Not quite: what I said was that I don’t think the humidity should affect your cooling cycles in any practical measurable way, only the airflow and ambient temperature.

No evaporation is used in the cooling of any glowforges, pro or otherwise. The active cooling in the pro is done via peltier chip [AKA thermoelectric cooling: Thermoelectric cooling - Wikipedia], and its excess heat is radiated and convected away, just like in the basic.

Relative humidity is only a measure of how much water vapor is in your air, it’s a basic way to see how readily water will evaporate, and can be viewed as a rough estimate of the efficiency of an evaporative cooling system (human sweat, for example). Thus, when it’s super humid out, you sweat, but the sweat can’t evaporate as quickly and so you get even hotter and sweat more, leading to the horrible wilting effect that people in Georgia get in the summer.

Your glowforge doesn’t sweat, so no evaporation, and this is all moot. :slight_smile:

Dunno, it’s been way too many years since my one course in thermodynamics and heat transfer, and I was morning sick at the time which distracted me a bit, so I’m gonna just sideline myself from this discussion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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this is absolutely NON scientific. more of a personality of the machine then anything else… you KNOW machines have personalities and quirks, just like us humans.

“KNOWING” this is yet another human quirk, not a machine quirk :wink:

say that when they rebel…

who ever thought you where so ¬33†



As one Kyle hill points out in one of his videos 2-3 years ago, a battle in space with laser weapons would be a battle of heat dissipation. Who’s ship gets cooked first?
Fire your laser, you increased your own heat to generate it. Take a hit, they heated you up a whole lot. No atmosphere to transfer heat to. Only radiate into empty space. Way less efficient.
This doesn’t help the topic but I found it interesting.

Pretty sure this is the vid. I’m watching something else and didn’t feel like switching vids to check.

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pew pew pew!

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