My machine is broken

I have been trying to get a reply for a week now about my machine being broken! Could someone please

Can you give us any additional information or pictures? The community cannot assist you without information.

This opened another support ticket. If you are already communicating with Support through email, this thread will likely be closed.

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As this is your first post, I assume you sent an email to support. You would receive an immediate response to acknowledge receipt, then they reply about 1 business day later, so check your junk mail / spam folders.

Posting here opens another support ticket, so they would respond here in 1 business day as well.

They responded a week ago about how they would replay my machine. I have not heard back from anyone since then. And yes I have check all my folders and there is responds.

@maganblackburn11 I’m very sorry our answer wasn’t prompt and helpful! I’ve replied now and am closing this thread as I believe we’re all set at getting you back up and running!


I sent you a message. I will like a refund please! Send me a box to send back my machine.

Ouch. You’re asking for a box? You were supposed to keep the box it came in just in case you had to return it. I think they are $249.00 to replace.


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