My machine is stuck on homing/centerting

My machine is stuck on homing/centering.
and the laser arm does not move.

I researched online and I saw that people recommend to restart the wifi. i restarted my wifi and i am still stuck on homing. the wifi router is next to the machine. also cleaned all my lenses and made sure all the cables connected ( the 5 spots)

i am not sure what else i can do.

i know i am connected do the wifi because when i open the lid it say lit open.

few more things is after a few min it say scanning and light is dimming. the arm still does not move. if i open the lid and close it again it say centering/homing and then scanning again and light go dim again


Sounds like you’ve done everything you can except post clear, close-up pics of all the lid cable connections. Support can then check and if all seems in-order, will likely need to send you a replacement.

thanks, Just updated with the pics.
i sent a message to support yesterday still didn’t hear back so i am hoping that they will see it here and help

Emailing, or posting here, both open support tickets. They don’t browse the forum, they work off a ticketing system. They will close this discussion if you’ve already opened one via email. Standard response is about one business day.

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with homing. I see you’ve also emailed us and we’ve just followed up there.

To avoid duplicate communication, this post will be closed and we’ll continue to work on this through email.