My machine starts a print then stops with in 15 secs says cooling down

so i removed engraving and did a test to with just scoring it worked
something with engraving that isn’t working! i tried with and without filter and still no luck i put a help ticket in and they are saying according to the records its having trouble communicating with the printer head and i need a new well refurbished machine - a refurbished though? this machine is only 4 months old?!?!?!

I don’t know of any electronics warranty that would replace a 4 month old item with a brand new one. I’ve had a TV, two cell phones, a laptop, etc replaced under warranty, from all different companies including third party extended warranties, and they ALWAYS replace with a refurbished of the same model, not new. The alternative would be to send your machine in for repairs, wait some weeks, and get a 4-5 month old repaired machine back. Chances are, the refurb you’d be getting in exchange is newer than yours, since most warranty swaps are for shipping damage.

One more thing you can look at before you send it in, though. Peek your head under the left side of the case. This bundle of wires (circled) includes the temperature sensor for the coolant. If the drag chain (also circled) is bumping into it when you slide the laser arm forward and back, that could be causing spurious errors. See if it looks damaged or out of place.

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