My machines cuts are "nerfed" today

Has anyone else had their machines made to not cut their files?
I have two machines that will engrave nice and sharp, but the cuts appear to be out of focus and do not cut all the way through. This started this morning. I own 4 machines (2 stay in boxes as reserves for the front lines). I’m well versed in these machines and I know it is not the usual issues like a dirty auto focus lens, dirty mirrors/lenses, or a dirty air assist fan.

When I run the GGM it cuts through just fine. So I know it is not the machines, but a GFUI issue that will not allow any of my imported files cut properly.

Has anyone had this issue and if so, why?
I am still waiting to hear back from support via email.


That is almost always a matter of your files. If you would like to post some here folks can take a look at them. Also what software are you using to create them?

I have cut over 300k things… Its not the files lol

This morning the servers decided to bestow onto me the ability to cut again. So that’s cool.

I’m sorry for the recent trouble you’ve run into. After reviewing everything, I think a good next step might be to arrange a time for you to work with one of our Technical Support Engineers on this over the phone. I saw the ticket that you opened via email, so I’ve sent you a response there to coordinate a call.

I’m going to close this thread, and I’ll continue to coordinate with you via email.

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