My Marvel Calendar


@kyle_emerick ,

Thanks for getting back to me on Instagram @SachseAlex I changed my bit in the X-Carve to 60 Degree and a cut depth of .35" as you suggested and this is what the file looks like. Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong, I have the cut path as “center” and its hogging out way too much material,

Thanks for the help!

Other Board Sisters & Brothers… Apologize as I know this is not a GF question.


I designed the Marvel Calendar to machine the insides of the pockets. All of the shapes are closed so when utilizing a v-carve function, you will just be carving out the insides of the shapes. If it looks reversed, remove the outside ring.


This is friggin’ AWESOME!!! Wow


Excellent job on the acrylic! I’ve been experimenting with this design as well. Any advise you can give or scoring this on acrylic? I have been having a hard time dialing in the settings. Thanks.


i tried to print this and the wood just cot on fire haha the original design was made for a CNC not laser it really went sideways when it hit the bow then it really went up in flames hah had to stop it that was the last time i used the laser so its been probably a month or a little over a month since i last used this laser need to get back to it


Thank you for sharing this file and your work! I made this for my kids drumline Director as a gift for putting up with my twins. He saw the pic today and let’s say he loves it :slight_smile:


New user here, I have been drooling over this for the past 2 hours. I read this entire thread up and down. I have @jeffarazzi version of it, but I am “stuck” at the preparing your design screen on the GFUI. :frowning:

I tried converting to PDF, and same thing. I am at the last final step before print and cant get pass preparing your design. Any tips or suggestions?


I don’t know what settings you have chosen, but if you have a high LPI, I would try lowering it.


Mine is stuck at the “preparing your design” phase as well. I let it sit there for 45 minutes and finally gave up. I was using the default LPI settings for Walnut Medium Plywood, SD.


thanks for the input JBV, it looks like after 20 minutes, it finally works so I just had to be more patient. Do you recall how long it took you to get pass the preparing your design phase before you could hit the print button on the GF?


jason, if its an svg file, I read one of the users convert it to PDF and it worked. I tried that, and it worked for me (After about 20 minutes of loading) the print button finally flashed!


It’s been a while, I can’t remember how long it took to load.


I was able to print this in a small size on my GF, but when trying to print it at “max GF size” on the GF pro the app wont get it to my GFPro and light the button. am i doing something wrong?


Making it bigger makes it take longer. GF can’t go over 3-ish hours.


Rasterize it if you want to go full size, and use the recommended Draft Photo engrave setting.


Thanks jules, I tried printing it at 10.5" OD, using the 1.1 PDF instead of the SVG.
Still no luck.
When you say Rasterize, do you mean print the PDF and scan it or use a program, (Probably to prevent loss of detail.) if so which one would you recommend? i have inkscape, tinkercad and may have access to the Adobe Suite through my daughter, but don’t have much experience with any of them.


You can rasterize it by creating a Bitmap Copy in Inkscape (Edit > Create Bitmap copy), then shifting it to the side to delete everything except the outermost cutline underneath. For that circle, you want to give it a stroke color but no fill color.

Then line the bitmap up with the circle and save it as a Plain SVG for processing.


I closed the open vectors and got rid of the few duplicates. This may aid in getting you to laser it a larger size. The file is located here:


If I download and open in GUI, will it engrave and cut as is, It only shows cut? Sorry, I’m learning!


My design was intended for a CNC machine, however you could color the areas to be darkened, which should enable the engrave mode. I’ll do what I said above and make it available for download, it may take me a day or two to get around to it.