My Marvel design on my iPad


I laser engraved my Marvel Character Disc (calendar) design onto my iPad. Next one I’ll do the inverse and get the alignment setup better. Aluminum tape worked great to keep it from destroying the camera lens and other sections like the logo, speakers and buttons.

I did a manual engrave of my design at a height of .24" with speed set to 400 and power at 45%. It’ll be pretty sweet when the alignment is perfected. Object identification will be epic.

I had to split the image into 4 sections to get my GF to perform the print. But I’ll take if for now!


Pretty great job on it! (And very brave!) :grinning:


Yes, a gutsy move but it came out great!


Wow! Really fab result. Using reflective aluminum tape would have had me scared about flashback. I wonder what the alternative would be.


Yeah, I’ve heard other people doing it without issue so I gave it shot. I also had the iPad tilted a few degrees on the crumb tray to keep the laser from bouncing back.


I can’t believe you tried a tiled print on your iPad. Gutsy but it paid off.


Not so sure I’d want to do this on mine … but, cool to see on yours!


Thanks for sharing the settings. Sad that you had to break the digital files into parts. Grrr… come on Glowforge software department, we need you.


Love that you took a chance, that’s what cases are for (if it doesn’t work). I recycle my I things, so if it didn’t work so what. Taking chances is what life’s about. Bravo!


My iPad Mini is in serious trouble later today. Don’t have the courage to do my MacBook Air but I will take a chance on the mini.
Love what you did to yours! Nice work.