My mini finger test


Riffing off @rbtdanforth’s post about magic finger boxes, I thought I’d share the little pencil holder I did. I got a belt sander for my birthday, so I decided to do mini fingers and round the edges. My technique needs some work, and this was Q&D unmasked Baltic birch, but I’m ready to dig into some of the interesting hardwoods I’ve stockpiled and start making boxes.


Those mini fingers seem to be the new tile :smiley: Those look great and the rounding is a nice touch!


I like the effect of setting the base slightly up, so as to enclose the fingers. Nice one.

John :upside_down_face:


Oh, I love that look! Thanks, now I want a belt sander. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this is the one i got. it’s not too expensive, it’s not permanently mounted, i.e., it’s a hand tool, but it comes with posts to mount it to any table edge and have it be a fixed mount temporarily.


Yes, the rounded edge looks so nice! Another tool to try!


Yeah, I like the rounded edges too. :sunglasses::+1:


The tiny fingers and rounded edges seems to actually hide the “tabbed edge” look. It looks more like a pattern or decoration than the tabbed glue joints. Beautiful job. :grinning:


That is one gorgeous box.


Thanks! and i agree. this was a big side benefit, it makes it look less lasered/charred. And sanding the corners removes almost, if not all, of the end burn, so it really lightens it up.

hoping i can inspire others to try similar methods and maybe push it in a direction i hadn’t anticipated to inspire me even more.


Great design. The minis and rounding make it look like stitching.


i LOVE this.


Very nice!