My most somber build yet

As I write this, I’m watching my most recent creation burn away at the pattern I’ve made. An old coworker of mine had asked me to come up with a design for an urn for her father about 2 weeks or so ago, he had been in pretty bad health and things weren’t getting better. 2 nights ago I figured I should probably get the sealer I needed for the insides. Fast forward to today, I woke up to the fateful text that he had passed. Thankfully we had sussed out the details in advanced and I’ll be setting it up to engrave the requested fishing scene shortly. I hope I never have to use this pattern again, but this will be the second homage burning I’ve done for someone.


I’m so sorry to hear that. Your creations are beautiful and I’m sure it will become a very cherished tribute for her and her family.

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As I’ve been told it wasn’t the perfect family relationship but they always could bond over fishing, so they asked for a “big ass bass” for the front. My friend is getting the ashes because nobody else wanted it, so the lid is getting the date and the whole thing will be stained and shalaced on the inside to keep from ashes falling out.


I had to do 2 urns 3 weeks apart in 2020 for family members. I honestly hope I never have to do another one.


It is looking great. As you said, it’s a somber time. Nice of you to do this for them.


The urn was lacered and delivered yesterday, the family was very appreciative since things have been so crazy.

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