My nephews cardboard cutouts

Got my nephews (8,5, & 3) to draw something on cardboard and then we cut them out. Youngest was a bunny until it was cut out and then it became a tiger. Dinosaur was apparently vegetarian that’s why it has a heart.





SO adorable! Doing stuff like this with kids is just the best. They must have been in awe.


B definitely was, he is the creative one of the three.

I have trouble with corrugated cardboard. Recommend any settings?

Really cute boys! So nice they got involved in a project.

I like 250 zooms and 80 pews for standard .15" cardboard. Make sure it is dead flat.


Liking most for “zooms” and “pews” settings.

We are currently using 450sp and 90p for horizontal corrugation and up the power to 100sp for vertical corrugation using .078 for focus

Awwwww, that’s the cutest thing! I can see that photo blown up and on display at GF headquarters.

Oh I’d need permission from my brother first

Oh, I was only kidding—of course you would!

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So we took their drawings and made them into tags they can have on their coats or bags.


I’m new to this. Can I ask a really noob question? What happens if I set the laser too strong on the material? Will it cut the riser that’s in the bed or the bed bottom? Will it damage the laser itself (because of reflection or some other unforeseen)? Curious because cardboard must be so easy to cut that this is a potential issue. I want to cut my own acrylic that I had laying around but I’m afraid of giving it too much juice.

Nothing & no to all of these. The honeycomb is designed to handle this.

However with cardboard and paper (also foam board) you have to be careful as it can catch fire. So with those materials it’s best to find the optimum settings by sneaking up on them. Start out with max speed and very low power (5, 10, etc). Test it, see how it went and bump the power up some more. After some experience you’ll get pretty good at assessing how a material will react (& keep a notebook of projects and settings so you know what works).


Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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